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When you pick a naming partner, you have quite a few choices: public relations firms, freelance copywriters, even computer software programs. So why pick Flying Start? Simply put, we are a dedicated naming and verbal identity firm. We’re known for developing names that work – names that create opportunities, open doors, make connections, and stay top-of-mind. We are fluent in branding, linguistics, and customer research. We know you need a compelling name. You need it quickly. You need it on budget. And you need it to sell itself.

Robin Ayres: Principal

It’s obvious when you walk into Robin’s office that she is a lover of lexicons. With an astounding collection of antique letters (from old gas station signs, drive-in marquees, shop placards) and more than 300 volumes regarding the vernacular, she is the resident authority on all things linguistic.

A wordsmith from way back, in 1996, Robin took over what was then called The Naming Center, since renamed (wouldn’t you know it) Flying Start. Her name-generation specialists have created names for products and services such as American HomePatient, Aria Resort & Casino, Bell Helicopter, NatureSweet Tomatoes, Nine-Band Brewing Co., and Tenet Healthcare Corporation.

With three sons in college, Robin is also our in-house expert on the admissions process and campus cool, though she now has much more time to design and create her found-object jewelry. Her work is published in 500 Necklaces and 21st Century Jewelry.