Our People

Our people stay.

In an industry in which high turnover is the norm, we’re the exception. The average tenure of our principals is over 18 years. Ditto for our creative group heads. The fact is, when people join The Richards Group, many right out of school, they tend to stay. So when somebody gets to know your business, you know they’ll be in it for a very long time.

We stay because our culture is one of respect for every individual in the company. That explains why our conference rooms are named for the people who have the longest tenure in the organization, from a traffic coordinator to a principal to a payroll coordinator; why everyone in the organization gets a bonus at the end of the year; why every significant purchase is weighed against the question, “Is it worth taking that money out of everyone’s profit-sharing contribution this year?”; and why The Dallas Morning News named us the Best Place to Work in Dallas-Fort Worth. Here are some of the people who play leadership roles across our various disciplines.