Letters From Stan

A Digital Dilemma

Stan Richards

Dear Duffy,

In prior notes to you, I’ve spent some time talking about our digital expertise. In one letter, I mentioned that we started thinking digitally back in 1995 when we established Click Here – just a year after Netscape launched. A few years back, I told you about eliminating digital as an adjective preceding job descriptions. An art director is an art director, defined by talent not by channel. Brand management is brand management, agnostically marshaling all our efforts on behalf of a client. And so on through the organization. And our digital work has increased exponentially, in both how much we do and how many ways we do it.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is, we haven’t figured out how to get credit for it. Not with our existing clients (they give us credit all the time for bringing them new, innovative ways to further their brands in the digital space), but with prospective clients.

Television? Easy. Radio? Not very tough either. Magazine? In-store signage? Collateral? If you can read, you get it.

But how do you showcase an app we created for TGI Fridays that lets guests open and close their own tabs? How do you demonstrate the effectiveness of a fully integrated Home Depot Project Center holiday effort that included interactive TV, mobile components, and a link to their website and recently took a top prize at a digital marketing award show? How do you capture all the functionality of a Chuck E. Cheese’s augmented-reality app that puts a 3-D Chuck E. right on the table in front of your 5-year-old and his pizza?

That’s our dilemma. And we’re open to any ideas you may have.

Because we’ll solve it. We’re tenacious when it comes to problem-solving. Come to think of it, that’s how we got ourselves into this predicament in the first place – helping our clients solve problems in an ever-changing media landscape.