Letters From Stan

Getting Credit for Digital Work

Stan Richards

Dear Dan,

Last July, I sent you a note about our struggle in getting credit for all the digital successes we’ve had with our clients. Showcasing just about every other medium is relatively easy. But explaining the ins and outs of an online movement on behalf of Wolf Appliances to “Reclaim the Kitchen,” for example? That’s far more difficult. (I can actually hear you saying, “What?”)

But it’s okay.

At some point since that letter, we began getting recognized for our ability to endear brands to people no matter what the channel. I don’t know when that exact date was, but I know the moment it all came together: when Dr Pepper Snapple Group hired us as their digital agency of record this summer. For every single one of their brands – Dr Pepper, Snapple, 7UP, Mott’s, Crush, Clamato, and Canada Dry.

That was a defining moment for us. A corner turned.

Not just because we won, but because our competition wasn’t other full-service agencies that happen to have a deep, talented team of digital experts ready to deploy on behalf of Dr Pepper Snapple Group. No, our competition was nothing less than two of the largest, most well-respected, globally recognized, digital-only firms in the business. And yet the client chose us.

As did the OMMA jury who, just last week, added six trophies to our awards shelf in our new lobby.

So we may continue to struggle with how best to share the work in a way that’s as simple as sharing work in other channels, but getting credit for our work? I’m happy to report we seem to have a handle on that.