Stan’s View

Whether it’s through a book he authored at the request of Adweek, letters he writes to industry friends and associates about what’s on his mind, or videos he spearheads in Lessons From Luminaries, Stan has a way of looking at things that has formed the culture that serves us and our clients so well.

Stan’s Book

The Peaceable Kingdom

Stan Richards

“When we became the largest independent agency in America, there was so much curiosity about the uniqueness of our culture and the way we do things here, Adweek asked me to write a book about it. So I did.” – Stan Richards

Stan Talks

Graphis article / The Richards Group

Stan Richards and The Richards Group were featured in Graphis Journal Issue #360, and the agency was named one of the latest Graphis Masters: “With Stan Richards at the helm, the agency has had much success over the years. Stan Richards has inspired many creatives, both who worked for him or who merely came into contact with his campaigns. He is passionate about continuing to produce great work, as well as giving back to the industry and the next generation of advertising creatives.” Download Article

Letters From Stan

A Focus on Longevity, Not Seniority

Stan Richards

Dear Dan, You’ve heard me talk about our tenure here at the agency – in terms of both clients and the people who work here. The duration of our client relationships is often more visible to you, because we cite it in case studies or cover letters or simply in answer to a question in  Continue Reading...

Can a Loss Be an Accomplishment?

Stan Richards

Dear Casey, Someone asked me the other day what I consider to be our biggest accomplishment in 2016. Since I’m already well into 2017 and focused on what’s yet to come, it took me a minute or two to look backward – something I’m not very good at. (If we’d entered the agency in the  Continue Reading...

Self-Reflection on Turning 40

Stan Richards

Dear Gerry, I Googled “turning 40” the other day. (No, not for me – I passed that milestone long ago. It’s the agency that’s saying goodbye to 39 this year.) It seems that turning 40 generates no end of advice, listicles, blogs, Pinterest posts, and every other form of self-reflection appropriate to four decades of  Continue Reading...

Hire an Agency, Not a Campaign

Stan Richards

Dear Melissa, “Hire an agency, not a campaign.” You’ve heard me say this many times, I’m sure. In every final new business presentation, when I have the opportunity, I pass along those words of advice to the client. Do they listen? Well, in general, it’s hard to tell. In reflecting on our wins in 2015,  Continue Reading...

Getting Credit for Digital Work

Stan Richards

Last July, I sent you a note about our struggle in getting credit for all the digital successes we’ve had with our clients. Showcasing just about every other medium is relatively easy. But explaining the ins and outs of an online movement on behalf of Wolf Appliances to “Reclaim the Kitchen,” for example? That’s far more difficult. (I can actually hear you saying, “What?”)  Continue Reading...

What’s in a Name?

Stan Richards

Dear Alex, There’s really no way for me to make this note sound anything but self-serving. But since that is not at all my intent, I’m going to give it a try. On September 23 at 4 p.m., in Austin, the University of Texas will hold a ceremony to rename their highly regarded advertising program  Continue Reading...

A Digital Dilemma

Stan Richards

Dear Duffy, In prior notes to you, I’ve spent some time talking about our digital expertise. In one letter, I mentioned that we started thinking digitally back in 1995 when we established Click Here – just a year after Netscape launched. A few years back, I told you about eliminating digital as an adjective preceding  Continue Reading...

Our Culture Dictates Our Office Space

Stan Richards

Dear Catherine, This is one of the last letters you’ll receive from this address. I’m not going to stop writing to you; I’ll simply be sending next year’s mail from our new building which, if all goes according to plan, we’ll move into at the end of the year. While a new building is exciting  Continue Reading...

Ground We’ve Broken Over the Years

Stan Richards

Dear Russel, We broke ground on our new building last week. Admittedly, we’ve broken a lot of ground in the 37 years we’ve been a full-service agency. But this? This was something truly special. Twenty people, randomly selected across all the disciplines of the company, wielding 20 shovels (newly purchased from The Home Depot, of  Continue Reading...

We Need a Beer

Stan Richards

Dear David, We’re often asked if there’s an industry we’d love to be in. So, given recent developments on the client front, this is an opportune time to answer that question should you find yourself leading a review in this category. Beer. We need a beer. While that’s an end-of-the-day lament spoken by many in  Continue Reading...