A Little Perspective On My Birthday

Happy birthday!

So, what wonderful gift did this 57-year-old creative guy get for his birthday this month? Perspective. Again.

I was thinking of exchanging it. But instead, I decided to regift it. To you.

Certainly, perspective comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Allow me to unwrap one that I hope you’ll cherish. If nothing else, I hope it surprises you.

I first learned about the laws of perspective from my seventh-grade art teacher. One was a trick, really: making stuff look three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface. Funny thing, how that form of perspective works. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one-point perspective or more – everything vanishes on the horizon.

The unavoidable truth is that my career is continually moving toward the, well, vanishing point. When I was a young creative, the pace toward the horizon seemed much slower than it does today. Even our industry hadn’t changed much for the 30 years before my entering the trade.

I admit that today, with all the young folk surrounding me with their heads buried in smartphones, I sometimes feel a little dated. Be assured, I find the times we’re in to be far more exciting than the old days. (I don’t use #11 X-ACTO blades anymore, except to trim my fingernails on Monday mornings.) I love this mobile, digital, data-crazy business we’ve become.

Here’s my perspective, and my point:

To keep from vanishing, I (and you, the giftee) must stay relevant, yes? I believe the trick to remaining relevant is imagination – your gift. At my age (perhaps especially at my age), my imagination doesn’t just make me “special.” It makes me necessary – even in this user-generated-content world we live in – simply because I use my imagination (and experience) to make brands relevant.

Properly exercised imagination supersedes the most current digital trend. You see, there’s no app for imagination.

Now, go play with your gift.

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  • Cam Beck ·

    Happy Birthday, Dick!