Audrey Berger: Principal

Audrey’s a very balanced person. Harmonious. Evenhanded. Not just in demeanor, but in approach – she loves crunching numbers and modeling dry data, then turning around and applying her findings in creative ways.

It was while studying marketing and psychology at the College of William & Mary that Audrey discovered a passion for analytics. After earning a BBA, she moved to Dallas to join Rapp Collins Worldwide. While there, she helped launch Javelin Direct, to manage marketing initiatives for AT&T Communications and Bank of America.

Audrey joined The Richards Group in 2006, and today leads Quadratic, our analytics, insights, and direct response arm. With her team of analysts and DBAs, Audrey tackles the growing convergence of data, technology, and marketing. Somehow, she’s also found time for an MBA from SMU, and was recently named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” by Direct Marketing News. Studious and dynamic. See? Balance.

Hire an Agency, Not a Campaign

Audrey Berger

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard Stan give the advice “hire an agency, not a campaign” to prospective clients during the pitch process. No, it isn’t because we don’t believe in the work we’re presenting. It’s because we’re on an island during the new business push – it doesn’t mirror the real world and  Continue Reading...

Can an Ad Agency Be Objective When It Comes to Analytics?

Audrey Berger

The question of whether an ad agency can truly be objective with its analysis of campaign performance is always puzzling to me. I never see this as a question of “Can we be objective?” but “Can we afford not to be?” As an advertising and marketing partner to our clients, the reason we get up every  Continue Reading...