Chris Ferrel: Digital Strategy Director

When others talk about the importance of being well-rounded, they’re usually speaking rhetorically. When Chris does it, he speaks from experience. He’s managed lunch ladies, sold guitars, worked in an oncology clinic, and worked as a line cook – and that was just in his two years after undergrad.

Luckily for us, he went on to earn his master’s in digital media management from St. Edward’s University. Then he set about putting all his knowledge to work for tech startups and some of the nation’s best-known brands in retail, consumer packaged goods, consumer healthcare products, and technology. At The Richards Group, he’s bettered the digital brands of ULTA Beauty, Bright Starts, Summer’s Eve, and Public Interest Registry.

Chris is a digital native and spends his days connecting the dots between online, mobile, and in-store experiences.

Is Attention Shrinking, Or Is It Just Selective?

Chris Ferrel

Your customer is not a goldfish. Believing that consumers have shrinking attention spans isn’t giving them enough credit. And it’s ignoring the fact that they can watch half a season of Game of Thrones in one sitting. The goldfish statistic is an excuse for bad advertising. And sadly, it’s now become a rationale for communication  Continue Reading...

Your Brand Is Like a Smart City

Chris Ferrel

Attend any marketing conference this year, and you’ll notice a paradigm shift in the conversation among attendees and speakers. Topics will center less on breakthrough ads and more on data-driven marketing, as close to 67 percent of marketers plan to increase their budget in technology expenses.  Continue Reading...