Christopher Owens: Brand Planning Director

Christopher was born and raised in and around Columbus, Ohio. After college, he hit the road playing drums in a ska band. Who wouldn’t?

After four years with the band, he discovered the world of advertising. During the 1990s, he cut his teeth strategizing for first-wave dot-com brands before being accepted into the renowned Miami Ad School Account Planning Boot Camp. Since he joined TRG in 2000, his award-winning strategic efforts have helped guide a broad range of brands including The Home Depot, GameStop, TGI Fridays, MetroPCS, Sub-Zero, and Wolf.

When he’s not helping parent two daughters, he spends his fleeting free time as an overbooked educator, lecturing around the country on advertising research and brand planning for SMU, VCU, and 4A’s. He’s most proud of becoming the first Miami Ad School Boot Camp grad to ever be invited back to teach as faculty, an annual role he’s taken on since 2007.

The GOST of Jane Newman

Christopher Owens

It haunts me. We’ve all encountered a helpful diagram, quote, or quip in our careers that becomes forever frozen in our professional repertoire. They sit on the top tray of our rhetorical toolboxes and are often accessed reflexively when first approaching any assignment. I’m a collector of such tools. This version of a GOST diagram  Continue Reading...