Chuck Schiller: Creative Group Head/Writer

Chuck was born. Chuck went into advertising. Everything in between is pretty insignificant.

He started out as an art director in Milwaukee in 1984. He had his own small agency in Austin until 1987. He ran an agency in Poland for a while. He became a writer and in 1999 moved to Dallas and The Richards Group. His work covers nearly every category: Jeep, Dodge, PatrĂ³n tequila, Zephyr gin, Pyrat rum, Ultimat vodka, The Home Depot, TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, MetroPCS, Casio, FRAM, Prestone, Corona beer, EB Pils, Grupo Vidanta, Aria Resort & Casino, Motel 6, and dozens more.

He paints, writes, creates art on guitars, and draws cartoons to relax. He skis, dives, hikes, and mountain-bikes to keep from getting old. But the place he likes to be the most is home, either in the kitchen or by the fire pit with a good cigar and friends.

The Digital Caddy

Chuck Schiller

For all the good the Internet does, it has also become a major source of frustration for everyone. The clutter, negativity, lack of trust, overload of misinformation, and general creepiness because of all the people using your data to track your life make the Web a pain as much as it is a powerful tool.