Caitlin Mitchell: Social Strategy Director

Caitlin loves making connections. Person A to Person B, Company Y to Audience Z – if two parties need to meet, Caitlin’s ready with introductions. It’s no wonder, then, that she’s excited by social media. Millions of strangers meeting, tweeting, following, and friending? It’s pretty much catnip to Caitlin, and why we’re so grateful to have her.

Caitlin helped launch the emerging discipline of social strategy at The Richards Group in 2012. After a few successful years, she left to run social media for Coca-Cola in Atlanta – but missed us so much that she boomeranged back to Dallas in 2015. Since her return, she’s put her mark on hashtags for an ever-growing number of brands including Dr Pepper, Chick-fil-A, and QuikTrip.

Caitlin’s energy serves her well in an online world that never seems to slow. Not that she minds: “I love to keep in touch, and I could make friends with a wall.” Or track every post on one, anyway.

Goodbye Insta-Fakers

Caitlin Mitchell

If we poll everyone reading this article and ask for their definition of an influencer, how many different responses do you think we’d get? Everyone seems to have a different definition of what exactly an influencer is. And that’s because we’ve never seen such rapid growth in the advertising industry. Let’s put this into context:  Continue Reading...