Corey Austin: Digital Strategy

A digital strategist who’s at home in the real, solid, nonvirtual world, Corey loves envisioning where emerging technology can fit in everyday life. He helps turn bits and bytes into campaigns for clients such as 7UP, Dr Pepper, Canada Dry, Schweppes, Jeep, Ram Trucks, and FIAT.

Seeing the World Through Social Vision

Corey Austin

Understanding What the Smartphone Camera Sees Photos and videos are a huge part of our cultural conversation. 2.8 trillion photos were shared on social networks in 2017 (set to increase 15 percent each year). What happens when computers can suddenly see and understand that visual conversation at scale? And what can brands do with this  Continue Reading...

Gaming: The Key to Gen Z

Corey Austin

When CMOs and other tenured marketing executives think of gaming, their minds might jump to any number of living room classics like “Pong,” “Super Mario Bros.,” or “Street Fighter,” or even modern classics like “Call of Duty.” But while living room games are still alive and well, gaming today extends to something more. In 2013,  Continue Reading...

New Interfaces, New Brand Experiences

Corey Austin

Back when the Internet simply connected one person’s terminal to another person’s text, the keyboard was all we thought we needed. And then came the mouse. Suddenly we were using our hands to click, and by clicking we shopped and shared and scrolled. Touch screens came next, and with them came pinching to zoom, swiping  Continue Reading...