Diane Fannon: Brand Management/Principal

Diane joined The Richards Group in 2000 from Temerlin McClain, where she was EVP/managing director responsible for JCPenney and Adams Golf.

She started her career in New York at Grey Advertising as a copywriter. After 18 years of award-winning work, she left advertising and her role as executive creative director at Tracy-Locke to run the international photography division of The Image Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kodak.

She now combines her passion for outstanding creative with her addiction to strategic analysis at an agency that completely understands her left-brain/right-brain schizophrenia. Her clients include The Home Depot, PulteGroup, and new business development. In 2010, Diane was named one of the most influential women in business in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Diane graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a double degree in English and education. She and husband Kent are avid golfers, baseball fans, and travelers.

As It Turns Out, You Can Teach an Old (And By That I Mean Seasoned) Presenter New Tricks

Diane Fannon

Here’s a challenge for you: Can you do a presentation about your company’s culture? My guess is that 99 percent of you immediately said to yourselves, “Of course I can – what kind of challenge is that?” Okay. Let me make it a little tougher for you. Can you do a presentation about your company’s  Continue Reading...

Stay Curious and Keep Learning

Diane Fannon

“What is a college? An institute of learning. What is a business? An institute of learning. Life, itself, is an institute of learning.” – Thomas Edison I recently addressed a class at the University of Texas Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations. And while I only wish I were as succinct and insightful  Continue Reading...

What Would Your Answer Be?

Diane Fannon

In several RFP questionnaires recently, we’ve been asked a similar question: “Over the past three years, describe the accomplishments of which the agency is most proud.” Since the answer is topical, I thought I’d share it: While it’s a little odd for an agency to cite the loss of a client as an accomplishment, bear  Continue Reading...

Blue Bell Ice Cream: Part Two

Diane Fannon

In a post on July 21, I referenced an article in The Dallas Morning News reporting on financier Sid Bass’s significant financial investment in beleaguered but beloved ice cream maker Blue Bell. In that post, I challenged the opinion expressed in the article by the founder of a New York-based brand-loyalty-consulting firm who would have  Continue Reading...

The Billionaire and Blue Bell

Diane Fannon

How is Blue Bell benefiting from billionaire Sid Bass? Click here to read an article posted by The Dallas Morning News. Interestingly, I would have given the exact opposite point of view of the branding professional in New York who weighed in on Sid Bass’s investment in Blue Bell in this article. While I would  Continue Reading...

Not All RFPs Are Created Equal

Diane Fannon

Every once in a while (not often enough, in our opinion), a potential client asks a question that doesn’t appear in the usual RFP. Like anyone who responds to RFPs regularly, we like a break from the all-too-frequent facts, figures, and case studies. Here’s one of those questions. And if you’re curious, here’s how we  Continue Reading...

Is a New Business Opportunity Sitting Right Next to You?

Diane Fannon

As many of us do in this business, I travel a lot. And I’m perfectly happy occupying myself for two to five hours with my laptop, my iPad and, from time to time, catching up on some much-needed sleep. Normally a social person, I find myself behaving like a recluse on airplanes. The less said  Continue Reading...

Four Words That Will Stop a Conversation

Diane Fannon

There are only four words you can say to me during an interview that will guarantee I will stop listening to anything else you say. And I will not hire you. Not in this business. Arguably, not in many. I’ll let you pick those four words from the choices below: I’ve done jail time. I’m  Continue Reading...

An RFP Question We’ll Never Tire of Answering

Diane Fannon

A new-business prospect recently made this request in an RFP: “Share a specific example of how your agency has demonstrated passion for a client’s product and commitment to their business.” All of us, at any agency, can think of a time when we went above and beyond to show our clients how much they matter.  Continue Reading...

“The Trouble With Having an Open Mind, of Course, Is That People Will Insist on Coming Along and Trying to Put Things in it.” – Terry Pratchett

Diane Fannon

Despite the fact that a favorite CEO of a former agency labeled me “excessively recalcitrant,” I’ve always believed I approach things with an open mind. When I have a point of view that I strongly believe in (which is fairly often), I still listen carefully to the other side and consider the possibility that I’m  Continue Reading...

Teaching un Viejo Perro Nuevos Trucos

Diane Fannon

There’s an old joke about the international shortcomings of the American public. I used it often when I addressed a multi-country audience in different parts of the world in my role as the managing director of a division of an international company. What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you  Continue Reading...

I Would Have Added “Awesome” To The List

Diane Fannon

I’ve long been aware of the dubious practice of adding words to the dictionary simply on the merit of popular usage – no other criterion, just the rationale that if everyone’s using it, then surely it warrants a place in the next printing (digital or otherwise). But on January 1, I discovered that there’s an  Continue Reading...