Garrett Bruster: Digital Strategy

As a social media strategist, Garrett knows change is constant. He’s seen social media “grow up” into a cultural juggernaut that impacts the world – from news to trends to business bottom lines. He has helped brands like Chick-fil-A, TGI Fridays, Omni Hotels & Resorts, and AAA make sense out of the shifting world of social media, digital trends, customer care, and brand safety. When he unplugs, Garrett will pick up a tennis racket, good book, or video game controller (depending on the weather).  

Brand Safety – The New Reality

Garrett Bruster

The Shifting Landscape of Digital Brand Safety It’s a marketer’s worst nightmare: Learning your brand’s digital ads have been seen alongside terrorist recruitment videos and content created by hate groups. That’s exactly what happened to many advertisers in March of 2017 as word spread that ads on Google-owned video platform YouTube were shown with violent Continue Reading…