Jayr Sotelo: Motion Graphics/Group Head

Growing up in Mexico, when Jayr wasn’t playing soccer, he was watching The Simpsons. Homer taught Jayr three things: how to speak English, that animation was his life’s calling, and that doughnuts really are man’s best friend.

Jayr knew that textbook doodles alone weren’t enough to launch a career. So he went the old-fashioned route: college. At Texas Christian University, he majored in graphic design with a minor in computer science. He attended the Art Academy of Trier in Germany. Then backpacked and doodled his way through Budapest attending the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the birthplace of Picasso’s technique.

Jayr began his career at JAnimation Studios working on McDonald’s, MTV, and VH1. In 2010, he joined us and founded our motion graphics group, where he now creates award-winning doodles for Orkin, Clamato, The Home Depot, and Ram.

Jayr lives in Dallas with his wife, Gaby, and the character he is most proud of creating – his baby girl, Jimena.

Deepfakes: The Good, The Bad, and The Murky

Jayr Sotelo

Listen to the accompanying podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes or Spotify. Hopefully by now all of us know what a “deepfake” is; if you don’t, I will give you a quick recap. Deepfake is a technique for video manipulation common in academic research institutions – and by amateurs in online communities – using machine learning  Continue Reading...