John Keehler:

Blockchain: Bringing Integrity Back to Ad Buying

John Keehler

Tackling Ad Tech’s Biggest Challenges With the Technology Behind Cryptocurrency In 2017, marketers will spend $83 billion in digital advertising, an increase of 15.9 percent from the previous year. As the market has grown, advertisers, publishers, and users have all faced growing pains as a result. A solution has emerged from an unexpected place that  Continue Reading...

Ten Digital Trends for 2015

John Keehler

January. Cold. Drab in comparison to the glimmer of the holiday season. Maybe. But not to The Richards Group. We’ve been looking forward to this time of year, because it’s time to talk trends. For the past six years, a diverse group of agency thought leaders have collaborated on our annual digital trends report, a  Continue Reading...

Love and Data

John Keehler

Our digital practice was born in the mid-1990s – a prodigy of Stan Richards. She was carefully nurtured and clothed by concerned nannies passionate about the digital space, guiding her first steps toward the future of advertising and communications. I was one of those lucky ones. I got to hold her close for a while.  Continue Reading...

Keeping Up With New Technology

John Keehler

It’s not easy to keep up with new technology. As the principal in charge of our digital strategy practice, I often get asked how I keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. It doesn’t take too much time. Rather, it takes a change in mindset – and a good system. Here are a few  Continue Reading...