Klaire Hensley: Brand Management/Principal

When you’re the middle kid of seven brothers and sisters, chaos is relative. Which might explain why clients think Klaire is calm no matter what they throw her way. It might also explain why the Dallas native chose to attend college in New Orleans–where chaos abounds.

Despite the distractions and decadence of the Big Easy, Klaire managed to pull off two internships, a lifeguarding gig, and a 3.9 GPA at Loyola University, where she graduated with a major in advertising and a minor in Spanish.

Postgrad, Klaire returned to Big D to work at Publicis. Then she joined The Richards Group to work on The Home Depot brand, along with new business development.

In true Klaire form, she also applies her knack for time management to mastering the art of marriage, motherhood, an active outdoor lifestyle, and volunteering with Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer. Klaire has no plans to slow down anytime soon. After all, she thrives in the middle of chaos.

To the Women Who Came Before and All Those to Follow

Klaire Hensley

I can remember the exact moment 17 years ago when I told my boss I had accepted a job at The Richards Group. Attempting to express his disappointment and plant a seed of doubt, he responded, “Ah, come on, that old boys’ club? You don’t want to go do that. Don’t you know all you’ll  Continue Reading...

Best Practice? Proceed With Caution

Klaire Hensley

When you work on the new business development team, you’re always on a quest to constantly improve. We like to say that our team’s mission is to win more new business from the kinds of clients we want with less wasted effort. So when I was on a call recently and some new business practices  Continue Reading...

24 Hours, One Short Film

Klaire Hensley

I got a text the other evening that a team of five Richards Group employees had just won first place at the 2016 24-Hour Video Race and were being honored at the Dallas International Film Festival. I thought it merited some love on our agency social channels, but more than that, I was curious to  Continue Reading...

Taking a Page From Our Own Book

Klaire Hensley

We hired a new member for our team the other day. When she came by lugging a huge, five-inch, three-ring, black, dusty old binder, I asked, “What on earth is all that?” When she replied that it was, in essence, her employee welcome kit, full of paperwork and policies, I cringed. Not only was it  Continue Reading...

Peace Within Agencies and Good Will Toward Men

Klaire Hensley

I read a couple of emails the other day that got me pretty fired up. Luckily, they weren’t in my inbox from my boss, but rather forwarded to me from a friend. As much as I would love to include those emails for your reading pleasure, as much as I want my friend to get  Continue Reading...