Luke DaMommio: Brand Management

Luke is all about content. Not just online, but in life. Before joining The Richards Group, Luke made movies–writing, shooting, and editing award- winning short films in Dallas, Houston, and New York. Luke also made money–as a result of his forays into film, he launched and ran his own successful production company with his best friend when he was 18 years old. Not done yet, as Luke also makes music–a self-taught musician, he plays regular shows around town. Finally, Luke makes meals–as a proud second-generation Italian, most nights you’ll find him in the kitchen not cooking with store-brand red sauce.

See? Content.

It seems only natural that all these passions led Luke to advertising. A renaissance man of the digital age, Luke was a natural fit for clients who sought to tell richer, more engaging stories. Luke’s comfort with both the creative and the business side of his work helps him to inform all aspects of storytelling for blue-chip brands like Schwab Advisor Services, Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Schwab Charitable Foundation, and more.

Tiptoeing Through the Political Tidal Wave

Luke DaMommio

Listen to the accompanying podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes or Spotify. Practical guidance for brands navigating the inescapable political context of the 2020 media landscape. It’s been almost four years since the 2016 election, and we are gearing up for another 365 days of polls, pundits, and politics. We are all going to witness one  Continue Reading...