Lauren Kaindl: Brand Planning

Lauren believes in the power of people. It’s not like she had any choice–she was born into a family of six. An extended family of 82. Her high school senior class numbered over a thousand, and her college population pushed 50 times that. So other than “strength in numbers,” what did she learn from all this company? She gained a great appreciation for the power of stories. Of the strength in shared experience, and the welcome delight of individuality. Channeling both of these for her favorite brands became Lauren’s mission, so a career in brand planning came almost as second nature.

Lauren’s path to Dallas took her from McKinney in North Carolina to Cramer- Krasselt in New York before she landed at The Richards Group in late 2017. Her current clients include Cache Creek Casino Resort and The Home Depot. A “dog mom” soccer player with a weekend arcade-bar gig, Lauren lovesto experience culture as much as she loves to influence it. For her, that mostly means gathering stories from all sorts of people as often as possible.

The Anti-Aesthetic

Lauren Kaindl

Listen to the accompanying podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes or Spotify. Every cultural phenomenon that rises to define a generation seems to be followed by an underlying youth counterculture that challenges the social norm. The post-war consumerism and conformity of the 1950s gave way to a radical freedom and rebellion counterculture in the 1960s. The  Continue Reading...