Lysbet Zimmerman: Decision Sciences/Director

A Dallas native, Lysbet (pronounced lease-bet) is one of the agency’s star analysts. While she owes her unique name to her Dutch mother, her unique skill set is all her own.

Graduating from Lake Forest College near Chicago with a major in math and a minor in economics, Lysbet blazed a rather unexpected path that included six months in Zimbabwe and a whole lot of Shakespeare. But her love for abstract math ultimately led her to the field of analytics, and she worked at Chicago-based companies such as Groupon and ULTA Beauty, growing as both an analyst and a leader.

Luckily for The Richards Group, Dallas called her back. She now works for brands ranging from Motel 6 to The Home Depot, helping all her clients turn data into decision-oriented insights.

Lysbet and her husband have two adorable children. A longtime Dallas Cowboys fan, she appears to have suffered no long-term harm living in Bears territory.

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Lysbet Zimmerman

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