Mary Price: Brand Media/Group Head

First impressions are sometimes wrong. Mary’s the perfect example. When clients first meet her, they’re introduced to a petite and poised woman – and so expect an equally petite and poised demeanor. What they soon discover is that Mary’s a shrewd negotiator, one who loves to aggressively keep track of where the money goes.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Mary joined Tracy-Locke to work with Phillips 66, Embassy Suites, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi. She came to The Richards Group in 1993, planning media for Motel 6, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Chick-fil-A, Nokia, and

Mary believes that creativity and innovation are not just the purview of art directors and copywriters. She now leads the agency’s media team (planning and negotiating) and, under her leadership, our clients’ media plans have been recognized with several significant awards celebrating innovation in media.

Media and Creative Joining Forces? That’s Always Been Our Way

Mary Price

E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”) – U.S. motto Where there is unity, there is always victory. – Publilius Syrus Unity is strength, division is weakness. – Swahili proverb There is no lack of quotes about unity, collaboration, or togetherness when you search for these terms. While I haven’t read every quote, those I’ve  Continue Reading...

Programmatic TV and an Open Letter to the Media Sales Community About Setting Expectations

Mary Price

Under-promise and over-deliver; it’s a sure way to endear oneself in a client-service-related business. Over-promise and under-deliver? That’s what happens when you attach the word programmatic to TV. Don’t get me wrong. Programmatic TV is the future and will radically shape the way TV is planned and negotiated. In its purest definition, it looks to  Continue Reading...

Growing the Next Crop of Media Professionals

Mary Price

While cleaning out my office in the old building, in preparation for our move last January, I found notes from my first job as an assistant media planner. Notes that explained how to calculate a CPM if you know a CPP, how to calculate ratings from VPVH (back in the day, you had to pull  Continue Reading...


Mary Price

Transparency is a trendy term in the media world. Unfortunately, lack of transparency regarding media agency dealings has recently become a headline too. Now, when vendors don’t offer transparency, I immediately become suspicious. Do I want to invest my clients’ money with a vendor whom I don’t trust? The simple answer is no. So why  Continue Reading...

Mentors, Role Models, And Shoulders

Mary Price

Advertising is a stressful industry (relatively speaking, of course). Long hours, demanding clients, shifting goals, and expectations set by multimillion-dollar investments – any one of these could cause angst. Together, they guarantee it. Some folks hang it up quickly, having discovered that the stress-to-lifestyle ratio doesn’t pay out for them. Others, like me, hang in  Continue Reading...

How Super Is The Super Bowl?

Mary Price

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Sunday, folks will be ordering pizza, icing the soda and beer, and getting all the fixin’s ready for their Super Bowl parties. Super Bowl Sunday is not an official holiday, but it’s practically treated as one. But just how super is the Super Bowl compared with other sports finals?  Continue Reading...

The Art Of The Deal

Mary Price

By Traci Yourse The advancements of technology, coupled with a down economy, have catapulted the use of coupons to levels that surpass those in recorded history. Those interested in learning how to save have numerous sources to aid them in mastering the art of the deal. TLC’s new series Extreme Couponing, which launched in April, features everyday  Continue Reading...

My Virtual Royal Wedding Experience

Mary Price

April 28, 2011, 9:35 p.m. The Royal Wedding will be a spectacle to behold, and I don’t want to miss anything. If ever there has been a time to investigate the power of the digital age, this has to be it. Why? Because unlike the Super Bowl, which takes place during a time of day  Continue Reading...

Listening to What Online Users are Telling Us: How Search Data Can Improve Media Planning

Mary Price

By Derek Louden What if we had a crystal ball that could reveal what our target audiences were really thinking? A tool that wasn’t skewed by bias or prejudice and that would reveal our target audiences’ true priorities? Well, this elusive crystal ball really does exist, and it looks like the Google logo. Google has been  Continue Reading...

Richards Connections – January 2011

Mary Price

From TV on the Web to the Web on TV: Convergence, Continued David Rowe and Ashley Young For years we’ve been tracking the trend of media convergence. Typically, we’ve discussed traditional media moving toward the Internet; that’s continuing to happen and needs to be noted. But now we’re starting to see the reverse happen as  Continue Reading...