Patrick O'Neill: Digital Strategy

A compulsive builder and permanently curious, Patrick is absolutely determined to figure out how things work. Apps, websites, media, audiences – all have their unique machinery that can be studied to build powerful marketing systems that Patrick wants to use to enhance your brand.

It wasn’t long after graduating from The University of North Texas that digital killed Patrick’s writing career – for the better, of course. Patrick earned his digital stripes in the fast-paced, super-cramped world of small agencies, where hours are many and multiple hats are a requirement. His preliminary work in search engine optimization led to a fascination with web design, which led to a knowledge of CRM integrations, which led to an understanding of integrated campaigns – if it’s digital, Patrick is going to learn how the pieces work. At The Richards Group, he applies the same hands-on philosophy to guide brands like the Propane Education and Research Council, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Grady Health, FN America, Charles Schwab, and The Home Depot.

As a digital polymath, Patrick uses his understanding of a broad spectrum of digital possibilities to find a balance for your brand, and string together mature digital ecosystems that set the foundation for meaningful brand growth.

Sound Test: Why Podcasts Are Ripe for Experimentation

Patrick O'Neill

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Welcome to the Jungle: Retail in the Age of Amazon

Patrick O'Neill

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