Sarah Allen: Brand Planning Director

It’s not that Sarah was made for brand planning. It’s that brand planning was obviously invented for Sarah.

How else to explain the fact that the discipline fits her background so well? Three years of undeclared and gloriously eclectic study at the University of Texas, sampling from a variety of interests and majors before finally settling on psychology – which itself is a wide-ranging patchwork of insights, impulses, and behaviors. And after earning that BA? Sarah went to work for a handful of disparate companies while pursuing her MBA. In other words, sampling from a variety of corporate styles, stories, and strategies, seeing firsthand how the business world interacts with different audiences.

With all that experience under her belt, you can see why Sarah’s a perfect match for a job that combines business savvy with consumer insight. Since joining The Richards Group in 2010, Sarah’s applied her considerable strategic strengths to The Home Depot, Andersen Windows & Doors, LPL Financial, and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Sarah is married to Zack and has two adorable kids, Jacob and Charlotte.

Combined Intelligence: Your New Superpower

Sarah Allen

It seems lately that headlines about artificial intelligence volley between two competing narratives. The first narrative would have you believe that artificial intelligence is bad. From accusations published in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that YouTube’s algorithm favors extremism, to software using biased data to predict future criminals employed by sentencing  Continue Reading...