Trey Green: Digital Strategy

To Trey, digital is far more than tweets, memes, links, and likes. It’s about the spread of stories. The kind of stories we’ve always told one another but now share faster, farther, and more transparently than ever. So the words we use and the opinions we voice–the products we sell and the brands we champion– have to be genuine, inclusive and, above all, very engaging.

Just like Trey.

A culture and content specialist who helped launched YouTube TV while at Google, Trey joined The Richards Group in 2018 and lends his outsized skills to brands including Choctaw Casinos & Resorts, Snapple, Metro by T-Mobile, Firehouse Subs, the SEC, and The Home Depot. When he’s not at work, you can usually find Trey entertaining his nieces, nephews, and thoughts of pro football glory while playing Madden.

Collab Fatigue Is Coming – Here’s What to Do About It

Trey Green

Listen to the accompanying podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes or Spotify. First Things First – What Is a Collab? Collaborations, for many brands, are an opportunity to make noise; it’s to drive conversation, garner relevance, or at the very least look pretty cool. By definition, it’s the action of two groups coming together to create  Continue Reading...