Trevor McInroe: Decision Sciences/Analyst

Trevor comes from a background in economics and statistics. He uses his expertise in mathematical modeling and programming to help clients understand patterns that are present in complex systems.

On his desk, you’ll find myriad textbooks like Econometric Analysis of Panel Data and Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications (all Wiley or Springer, of course) and a tall stack of research papers from journals like Econometrica and Journal of Machine Learning Research.

His hobbies include robotics, training artificial intelligence models, and bonsai.

Getting Creative with Machine  Learning and AI. No, Really, It’s Possible!

Trevor McInroe

Why Should I Care About Machine Learning? To begin, let’s establish a fact: Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have been booming in academia over the past decade. Consider the following chart, which shows the number of research papers that have been published about AI since 1995 (gray line). But it’s not just research groups  Continue Reading...