“THE BUZZ” – Week of 04/30/2012

Social Media Explained for the C-Suite

Scott Luther

Global management consultancy McKinsey & Company has released a briefing that details the core responsibilities and approaches to take in social media to generate a measurable return on investment in both the short and long term. The report artfully distills social media activities into four key responsibilities – monitor, respond, amplify, and lead – and further suggests opportunities to put these tactics into action.

Actionable Social Analytics

Les Boswell

A common question from clients is, “What do I do with social media?” There was a time when “like,” “follow,” and “retweet” seemed to carry some form of weight, but more and more organizations are beginning to realize that quantifying “likes” is about as effective as counting the number of cars that pass a billboard on any given highway in America. In an attempt to answer this and other social-media questions, Socialnomics has released a white paper and an associated infographic detailing effective approaches to measuring social-media impact.

Is There a Place for Sass on Social Media?

Mimi Wilfong

Brands continually struggle with how to stay relevant and memorable in the minds of today’s consumers. With lines between traditional and digital campaigns blurring, brands face an even bigger challenge as customers on the Web crave a social experience. Some brands have found that they can create a strong connection with consumers using a little bit of sass. From Taco Bell to Old Spice, bold campaigns are making waves in social media.

Five Mobile Trends to Watch

Stephanie Wierwille

With Google’s Project Glass hitting the Web and a slew of brands developing augmented-reality apps, augmented reality is no longer a future trend. Starbucks has ventured into augmented reality twice – for holidays – and has seen strong revenue from it. Here are four other trends spreading through mobile now.

Hispanics Lead Ethnic Groups in Their Digital Savvy

Nick Daigle

Brands who target Latinos need to consider what mobile and social touchpoints to use as usage among the population grows and outranks other ethnic groups. According to recent research from Nielsen, U.S. Hispanics are more likely to use their mobile devices for texting and calling than any other ethnic segment. Latinos are also highly engaged in social media – they’re 25 percent more likely to follow a brand and are the fastest-growing group of Facebook and WordPress users.

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