“THE BUZZ” – Week of 05/30/2011

Facebook Nears 700 Million Worldwide Users

John Keehler

Facebook continues to grow and is fast approaching the 700 million users mark. Most of these new users are from outside the United States, with Brazil and India topping the list. What will this mean for the future of Facebook and how your brand approaches the platform?

Ads Implant False Memories

Sarah Voges

It’s not as bad as it sounds. “It turns out that vivid commercials are incredibly good at tricking the hippocampus (a center of long-term memory in the brain) into believing that the scene we just watched on television actually happened. And it happened to us.” The mechanics relate to a theory about memory called memory reconsolidation, in which our brains use the equivalent of a “save as” function every time we remember something – adding to or changing the memory a little each time – and incorporate things including scenes from an ad.

Google Wallet Coming This Summer

Jill Krumsick

Google has beat everyone to the punch with their introduction of mobile wallet technology. Rolling it out this summer in a few cities, Google is partnering with Sprint, MasterCard, Citigroup, and First Data to bring a tap-and-pay mobile system to the masses.

Android Users Consume More Data

Alex Kenney

Newly released Nielsen data shows that not only do Android owners make up 36 percent of smartphone market share (Apple is second now, at 26 percent), they also consume the most data per month: 18 percent more than Apple iPhone users.

Google Passes Yahoo to Become Number One in Display Advertising

Scott Luther

Having long been the leader in search advertising, Google has now surpassed Yahoo to become the largest provider of display advertising as well. Google’s growth comes largely through increased usage of display ads from medium to small search advertisers rather than stealing share from Yahoo. However, both Google and Yahoo can take pleasure in knowing that the display market grew 23 percent to $7.3 billion in the first quarter, compared with $5.9 billion a year ago.

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