“THE BUZZ” – Week of 06/13/2011

Twitter’s Awareness vs. Usage Problem

John Keehler

While Twitter’s awareness among U.S. consumers has risen to an amazing 92 percent, the Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that only 8 percent of U.S. consumers are actually using the service.

Kids Today: How the Class of 2011 Engages With Media

Sarah Voges

“1993 was a big year. The Mosaic Internet Web browser was launched, NAFTA was signed, Seinfeld won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, and the high school class of 2011 was born. Nielsen congratulates the class of 2011 and takes a look at today’s American teen, raised in an age dominated by media choices like never before – from the Internet to cable channels to Web-connected devices galore.”

Facebook Sees Traffic Drop in U.S. and Canada

Alex Kenney

While Facebook has climbed to 687 million monthly active users worldwide, most new users are coming from countries that were relatively late to adopt the social network, while use has dropped off in early-adopting countries like the United States and Canada. The number of users in the United States fell by 6 million to 149 million during May, which marks the first time the site has lost users in the past year.

Breaking Down the Online Media Budget

Scott Luther

Online advertising channels are growing rapidly to encompass more of advertisers’ media budgets. This recent infographic, released by Mashable, profiles the most-used tactics within this space against traditional media outlets. Most notably, online advertising now accounts for more spending than radio and outdoor combined – and advertisers are spending $0.53 for every hour spent with newspapers, compared with just $0.01 for each hour with a mobile device.

Facebook Advertising Improves Conversions

Jill Krumsick

According to a recent study, brands should look to their Facebook community for a cost-effective way to push event sign-ups, product purchase, and service registrations. “Over the course of a 13-client, 4.1 billion-ad-impressions study, TBG found that targeting Facebook fans was more effective than targeting non-fans when it comes to these specific types of conversions. …Registration acquisition costs can be 44 percent cheaper, while event sign-ups cost 33 percent less and purchases are 15 percent cheaper to achieve.”

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