“THE BUZZ” – Week of 06/20/2011

Foursquare Surpasses 10 Million Users

Alex Kenney

Foursquare surpassed the 10 million user mark this past weekend, and the company has released a great infographic to celebrate the announcement. Click through to view the stats on where people are checking in (Old Navy, Bank of America, 7-Eleven, The Home Depot, and Target top the list) and what their sentiment is when they do so in various cities.

Average U.S. Smartphone Data Usage Up

Sarah Voges

“According to Nielsen’s monthly analysis of cell-phone bills for 65,000+ lines, smartphone owners – especially those with iPhones and Android devices – are consuming more data than ever before on a per-user basis. …In just the last 12 months, the amount of data the average smartphone user consumes per month has grown by 89 percent, from 230 MB in Q1 2010 to 435 MB in Q1 2011.”

Facebook to Be Top U.S. Display Ad Seller in 2011

Jill Krumsick

Facebook has quickly risen to become one of the biggest players in the U.S. online ad market. By the end of this year, it will push past Yahoo to become the top display-ad-selling company in the country. eMarketer estimates an 80.9 percent ad revenue growth over last year – almost double – with revenues expected to reach $2.19 billion in 2011.

HTC Uses Google Goggles for Interactive Campaign

Scott Luther

HTC created a cross-media campaign featuring 60 unique pieces of content that “cultural curators” can discover and download by scanning TV, print, or outdoor executions from the campaign. By partnering with Google, the campaign moves beyond the QR code to make the entire execution link to exciting digital content created for the campaign.

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