“THE BUZZ” – Week of 06/27/2011

Xbox Kinect Brings Gesture and Voice to TV Ads

Sarah Voges

“Microsoft has engineered a way for advertisers to bake voice- and gesture-based response mechanisms into TV spots seen by Xbox Kinect users. Called Nuads, the product lets marketers add an interactive layer to commercials without requiring viewers to fumble with remote-control buttons. For instance, Kinect owners can respond to a call to action by waving a hand or speaking a few words aloud.”

The Age of Wearable Electronics Is Here

John Keehler

Take a stroll down memory lane to see how far we’ve come with wearable electronics. What used to be bulky cameras strapped to giant virtual-reality goggles have become sleek, barely noticeable Bluetooth accessories. We truly have arrived at the age of wearable electronics.

Facebook Experiments With Comment Ads

Colin Hogan

“Facebook is experimenting with a new type of ad that invites users to comment on a question posed by an advertiser. The format, which mirrors a status update on a branded Facebook page but doesn’t depend on users signing up, invites a dialogue. The first advertiser to try the so-called Comment ads, Allstate, used the Mayhem character from its commercials, who asked, ‘What’s the worst thing your kid’s ever done in the car?’ Another advertiser, Hallmark, plans to ask, ‘How do you make summertime a special occasion?’”

HBO App Sees Big Growth

Alex Kenney

This weekend, HBO expected the 3 millionth download of their newly released HBO Go app, which gives HBO subscribers streaming access to everything in the HBO vault. With 28 million HBO subscribers in the United States, that’s almost 10 percent of the company’s audience that has tried the app – which is pretty good, considering that some cable companies such as Time Warner don’t offer the option. The app is HBO’s way to offer users the convenient on-demand viewing that Netflix provides, and they’re banking that their content is good enough to maintain the audience.

The Future According to Eric Schmidt

Brian Kress

At the Cannes Lions Festival last week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was named Cannes’ Media Person of the Year, and in his acceptance speech, he gave some insight on what the future might look like. Included in his crystal-gazing were a world without credit cards and cars that drive themselves.

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