“THE BUZZ” – Week of 09/04/2012

Moms Mobilize for Back-to-School Day

Nick Daigle

Mobile-device-wielding moms are using their devices to relieve the stress of preparing their kids for the first day of school. Nearly nine in ten say they turn to their phones to reduce the anxiety in planning for that first day, according to a recent study from the IAB and Meredith’s Parents Network. Of moms with two kids and a smartphone, 88 percent were more inclined to agree that smartphones make being a mom easier.

Multiscreen Behavior, Quantified

Scott Luther

This large study from Google and Ipsos reveals the active session length (smartphone is the shortest), overall time with the medium, and how devices are used sequentially as well as simultaneously. Perhaps the most shocking result from the study (very little of this is shocking): Users are more engaged with what interests them than ever before, and they have multiple outlets to access that content. Marketers must now find ways to reach them in the most preferred environment for both their target and their brand.

Study: Western Analog Viewers Lag in Digital Connected TV Revolution

Chris Ferrel

A study conducted by GfK finds that Western consumers are stuck in an “analog” mindset, whereas consumers in emerging markets are more likely to own and use Web-connected “smart” TVs. China has the highest penetration of connected TVs, at 44 percent, compared with just 11 percent penetration in the United States.

The study also shows that social TV has yet to fully take off, partially because viewers claim discovery is more important than program interaction. GfK suggests that broadcasters need to integrate their social-media elements “far more engagingly into the fabric of the program.”

Facebook Cracks Down on Insincere “Likes”

Caitlin Mitchell

Facebook is ramping up efforts that will increase automated efforts to remove “likes” on pages that may have been gained by means that violate Facebook’s terms of service. For pages, this means that likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, or deceived users or likes bought in bulk will be removed. Facebook expects that less than 1 percent of a page’s fan count will be trimmed down as a result of the new automated effort.

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