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In several RFP questionnaires recently, we’ve been asked a similar question: “Over the past three years, describe the accomplishments of which the agency is most proud.” Since the answer is topical, I thought I’d share it:

While it’s a little odd for an agency to cite the loss of a client as an accomplishment, bear with us. The loss itself wasn’t an accomplishment – as a matter of fact, it’s a loss we feel acutely every single day, especially given how long the relationship endured and what we did together to make advertising history. But despite more than two decades of setting milestones in the quick-service restaurant business, our 22-year relationship with our client Chick-fil-A ended in October.

The accomplishment isn’t in our loss but in our recovery. In less than a month, we went to work for three new clients in the food-service retail category: Boston Market, Firehouse Subs, and TGI Fridays.

In June 2015, Dr Pepper Snapple Group hired us as their digital agency of record for all nine of their brands. While we have digital advertising responsibility for a number of our clients, this was the first time we were engaged exclusively for our digital expertise. Up against two digital-only agencies, we demonstrated our ability to provide them with strong, effective digital ideas that would move their brands forward with a younger generation. Besting those two internationally recognized digital shops was a bit of a milestone moment for us.

And in April of this year, Stan was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. While this sounds like an individual achievement, Stan would argue that point. As a matter of fact, in his acceptance speech, he said, “The largest part of the credit goes to the 741 people I love coming to work with every day.” It’s one of the agency’s proudest accomplishments and now a very big part of our history.

I’m not sure we’ll ever top the latter accomplishment, and I hope there’s no need to repeat the first one, but agencies don’t often step back and reflect on what they’ve achieved and the events that shape them as they go through their daily business. So I’m grateful for RFP questions that force us to stop, for just a few minutes, and really think about what we’re most proud of. It turns out, it’s time well spent.

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