Welcome to TRG. We’re a fiercely independent agency that exists for a single reason: to endear brands to people. To do this successfully – at every point of contact – takes evolving leadership, nimble resources, and proven expertise. All of which we have and all of which we continue to hone, in a manner that’s relentlessly curious and collaborative.

We steward brands and grow client businesses through a unique combination of insights, ideas, and impact. Bring us your challenges. Bring us potential. We’ll respond with breakthrough thinking and creativity.

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Frequently asked questions


What is TRG?

We’re a fiercely independent ad agency that exists for a single reason: to endear brands to people.


What is TRG’s own brand?

Respectful. Responsive. Creative, creative, creative.

We invented the Chick-fil-A cows, took The Home Depot from a regional retailer to a national category killer, made Tom Bodett and Motel 6 into household names (and one of Ad Age’s top 100 campaigns of the last century), and in Ram’s “Farmer” can claim one of the top ten Super Bowl TV commercials of the last decade. Our agency has been the multiple recipient of every major creative award there is, and our reputation as retail experts is virtually unmatched.

A client once told us we bring ideas that “stick to the roof of your mind.” We liked that. And so we still strive to do it every day, even after more than four decades.


Who leads TRG?

Glenn Dady is our CEO. He’s supported by a Leadership Team that pursues growth for our people, our clients, and our agency and by a Creative Council that focuses on our creative product.

Leadership Team

Sue Batterton – creative
Rhonda Contreras – collaboration
Sean Donovan – innovation
Chris Ferrel – strategy
Michelle Gardner – finance
Rob VanGorden – new business
Nikki Wilson – people

Creative Council

David Eastman
Terence Reynolds


What industries does TRG work with?

We’ve worked with clients, large and small, across all industries and on several continents. No matter the size or category, our goal remains the same: creating and sustaining client growth.


Who owns TRG?

We can tell you it’s not a holding company – and it never will be. We relish our independence (and what it means for our clients) too much. Therefore, in late 2019, per the wishes of our founder, an anonymous nonprofit took ownership of the agency. They benefit financially but have no role in operations, and they ensure that we can never be sold.

Our independence from holding companies gives us a latitude, flexibility, and focus that most other agencies don’t enjoy. As brand-builders, we’re free to focus on our clients and the work. We don’t waste time on shareholder whims, network politics, or Wall Street distractions. As partners, we’re transparent, nimble, and wonderfully accessible – there are no firewalls to climb or outside opinions to navigate.


Is TRG a good place to work?

We’ve crafted our culture around one word: fearless. We’re focused on collaboration, innovation, and growth. Our people will always come first, because we respect each other as much we do the work. Thanks to this, our peers and those who follow our industry have flattered us with several accolades:

4A’s America’s Most Creative Agency
Advertising Age Agency A-List
Advertising Age Best Places to Work in Marketing and Media
Adweek Agency of the Year (six times)
American Business Ethics Award (Foundation for Financial Service Professionals)
Campaign Magazine 10 Most Creative Agencies
Dallas Business Journal Best Places to Work
Graphic Design USA 6 Most Influential Agencies in America (twice)
Graphis 10 Best Agencies in the World
The New York Times Best U.S. Agencies Outside New York


Is TRG hiring?

We’re always looking for a wide range of creative, accountable, kind, and fearless people.

We can’t wait to meet you.