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We stay current to be relevant. We stay relevant to get closer. Because only when you’re close can you whisper, and people still hear you loud and clear.
And while we believe in the existence of universal human truths that bind us together, we celebrate individuality. We see the nuances among Latinos, how new trends affect us in different ways, and how we connect beyond the language.

Salma Gottfried: Principal

Born and raised in Mexico City, Salma deftly blends the organized approach of a brand manager with the fluidity and expression of an artist. Unsurprising, considering that in another life she was a modern dancer, and she still retains her creative identity through abstract photography. Her adventurous spirit has guided her through many twists and turns on both the agency and client sides. She relishes the freedom and experimentation allowed in agency life and brings her unique blend of skills to the agency.

Salma’s extensive multicultural agency experience includes leading and growing major brands such as Procter & Gamble, Levi’s, Southwest Airlines, JCPenney, Frito-Lay, and Gatorade. Since joining us, she’s brought her particular art form of multicultural marketing to The Home Depot, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Mission Foods.

Pete Lerma: Principal

Before launching the agency in 2008, Pete led Click Here Labs, our very successful digital practice that has done innovative work for most of our agency clients as well as clients outside our advertising practice. Pete is the quintessential digital native. However, being a second-generation Mexican-American, Pete has also kept a pulse on his native culture, and he’s intent on raising the bar in Hispanic marketing as well.

Pete’s vision is to create a more relevant connection between brands and their Hispanic consumers. In that capacity, Pete leads the team of seasoned Hispanic marketing experts that makes up the agency. In a relatively short time, the team has done remarkable work for clients such as Advance Auto Parts, Metro by T-Mobile, The Home Depot, Ram Trucks, Clamato, Dr Pepper, Ocean Spray and Avocados From Mexico.