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Quadratic specializes in advanced analytics; digital analytics; direct response marketing; and database design, development, and management. Simply stated, we measure things that are hard to measure, predict things that are hard to predict, and turn insights into marketing strategies that drive toward continuous measurable improvement.

Audrey Berger: Principal

Audrey’s a very balanced person. Harmonious. Evenhanded. Not just in demeanor, but in approach – she loves crunching numbers and modeling dry data, then turning around and applying her findings in creative ways.

It was while studying marketing and psychology at the College of William & Mary that Audrey discovered a passion for analytics. After earning a BBA, she moved to Dallas to join Rapp Collins Worldwide. While there, she helped launch Javelin Direct, to manage marketing initiatives for AT&T Communications and Bank of America.

Audrey joined The Richards Group in 2006, and today leads Quadratic, our analytics, insights, and direct response arm. With her team of analysts and DBAs, Audrey tackles the growing convergence of data, technology, and marketing. Somehow, she’s also found time for an MBA from SMU, and was recently named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” by Direct Marketing News. Studious and dynamic. See? Balance.

Jason Raguso: Decision Sciences/Principal

As a leader in our decision sciences practice, Jason seeks equilibrium between science and art–the moment an answer is presented in such a way that decisions occur.

A self-proclaimed contrarian, Jason studied English literature at the University of Michigan simply because his math scores were so much better. It’s a pattern he’s followed throughout his life, first straddling the fence between the “quants” and “poets” in business school at the University of Southern California, then dividing his time between developers and users, decision-makers and statisticians over the course of his career.

Jason comes to The Richards Group from key executive leadership positions at two global analytics firms, Mu Sigma and TEG Analytics. Before his arrival, he also launched O2 Integrated, a decision sciences consultancy. Jason is happily married to April and is the proud father of Soleil, Presley, and Lilah.

Megan Self: Principal

The first thing Megan will tell you about herself is that she loves to travel. Growing up with three older brothers, it’s no wonder she tries to get away whenever she can.

While with Rapp Collins Worldwide, she helped launch a new agency, Javelin Direct, where her clients included DIRECTV, AT&T Communications, DISH Network, and USAA. Joining The Richards Group in 2005, she has worked with Advance Auto Parts, Behringer, Furr’s Family Dining, PODS, and The Salvation Army.

When it comes to the excitement of direct-response advertising, CRM, and media mix modeling, Megan’s favorite phrase is, “Strategize, test, measure, refine.” We couldn’t agree more.

As for the travel obsession, Megan has lived in several cities, including Rome, and backpacked all over Western Europe. She’ll frequently take off on Friday afternoons for spontaneous trips to all points of the compass, returning at the crack of dawn Monday to sign in by 8:29:59.