It’s vital that we foster both work and a workplace that embrace the experiences and perspectives of all. TRG’s people are our most important asset, so we must keep our culture healthy, informed, and thriving by celebrating and investing in true diversity.

We’re wide awake to the systemic transgressions of many ad agencies: race and gender inequality, unconscious bias, and subpar representation in both creative product and corporate hallways. We believe our unique perspective and position can make us a living case study of improvement and inclusion. Day by day, we grow more equitable and diverse. Our journey is far from complete, but we’re making important progress.

Our goal is not just to change our agency – we want to transform our whole industry. To that end, we’ve developed a plan to become a leader in IE&D by 2025, to make our data transparent to the public, and to be held proudly accountable.

WE@TRG ally and activity groups comprise those with shared identities or interests. They are open to all who wish to better understand and relate to their coworkers. Click on any group below to learn more.

ABLE@TRG brings awareness about just how able those with disabilities are. We eliminate barriers to make TRG an even more sought-after place to work by encouraging employment and advancement for individuals with disabilities.

ASIANALLIANCE@TRG fosters professional growth for Asians and allies through inclusion, community service, and career development.

AQUÍ@TRG promotes diversity, professional development, and an open forum that supports and empowers those who have a connection to Hispanic culture.

BLK@TRG supports, encourages, and engages Black and African-American employees. We aim to encourage personal and professional development for members and to educate others on our rich heritage and history.

CHRIST@TRG is an informal gathering of Christian believers who want to support, encourage, and spur spiritual growth. And we’re not restricted to believers – anyone interested in exploring the faith, or in need of someone to talk to, is welcome to join. We also serve as a prayer network to support and pray for Groupers going through hardships.

LGBTQ+@TRG mentors and supports all who fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, and we foster an environment that helps educate the agency at large about the LGBTQ+ community.

MOMS@TRG is a resource for moms of all kinds – hopeful moms, moms-to-be, new moms, and seasoned pros. We help navigate the challenges of work life after momhood with advice, products, and contacts, all while building friendships through shared experiences.

SHE@TRG encourages, supports, and inspires women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration, discussion, and action.