Brian Edgin: User Experience Architect

Brian joined The Richards Group and Click Here Labs in 2012. In previous jobs, he helped invent two user-interface-related patents and led all aspects of user experience design, from iOS front-end development to mobile planning and social strategy to search engine management.

At Click Here Labs, Brian acts as the voice of the user during all phases of projects for clients including Ahold USA, Biltmore, and TGI Fridays. He also leads the information architecture, generates site maps and wireframes, and conducts usability testing – all to ensure the best possible experience for the user.

In his spare time, Brian writes iPhone and iPad apps. He also loves to play Minecraft and maintains a Minecraft server for his son and his son’s friends.

The Single-Button Experience

Brian Edgin

“Keep it simple,” “make it intuitive,” “don’t make them think” have been mantras of usability for many, many years. However, there is a recent trend, enabled by a confluence of innovations and technologies, that brings the simplify mantra to its logical conclusion: The single-button, or single-interaction, interface.

The Agency Maker Lab

Brian Edgin

Over the last decade or so, the tools of the modern inventor have become less expensive and easier to use. Today, you can buy a serviceable 3-D printer for less than the cost of a new PC, and your fifth grader can show you how to use it. Programmable electronics were once a thing that Continue Reading…