Hayden Lewis: Digital Strategy

A bookish gym rat, Hayden’s a digital strategist focused as much on tech as society’s response to it. When he’s not at his standing desk going on about the future of artificial intelligence, our role in the Anthropocene epoch, or the nature of SoundCloud rap, you’ll find him working with clients like Dr Pepper, Ram Trucks, TGI Fridays, and The Home Depot.

Unpacking Artificial Intelligence

Hayden Lewis

From the future of work to the subversion of democracy, 2017 has seen artificial intelligence subject to a wide variety of associations. Stemming from scientific breakthroughs and heightened by the allure of existential risk, the implications of AI can seem grave if not overhyped, with a tendency to engender more confusion than strategic clarity among  Continue Reading...

Amateurism Detached

Hayden Lewis

Despite what the rise of influencer marketing may suggest, amateurism is devolving as a cultural force online – and it may be taking authenticity along with it. Brands have many opportunities to act. Vine, Beme, and almost SoundCloud – this year’s digital platform retirements signaled something less obvious than the sheer impenetrability of our social  Continue Reading...