Jaquie Hoyos: Brand Media/Group Head

We owe a lot to Darrin Stephens. As a girl in El Paso, Jaquie vowed to follow in the career footsteps of the befuddled adman on TV’s Bewitched, her favorite show. Unlike Darrin, who was – well, what was he? art director? account guy? – Jaquie discovered the satisfyingly concrete discipline of media while at the University of Texas.

She began her career in New York at Mindshare and MediaVest. In early 2014, she brought her New Yorker husband back to Texas and joined The Richards Group. Jaquie works on Biltmore, Suddenlink, and NuPlexa.

Jaquie loved growing up on the border, living and going to school in El Paso and doing pretty much everything else in Mexico. She and her husband enjoy traveling to Mexico and South America, where he has family roots. Parents of a toddler son, they’re soccer aficionados and outdoorsy in general.

Outsmarting Ad Blocking

Jaquie Hoyos

We’ve All Done It Although digital ad blockers are a hot topic, the concept of consumers avoiding ads is not new. We’ve all done it – flipped past ads in magazines, changed to a different radio station when the music stops, or headed to the kitchen while commercials air on TV. Today we let technology  Continue Reading...

YouTube Transparency

Jaquie Hoyos

You’ve heard us talk about transparency before; my colleagues Mary Price and Cheryl Huckabay have written about it recently. The topic remains newsworthy – now YouTube is in the hot seat regarding inappropriate/controversial content. YouTube’s deficiencies in this area elevate two main issues, transparency and brand safety: The “walled gardens” of Google and Facebook have  Continue Reading...

Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Jaquie Hoyos

As a media negotiator, I can’t begin to describe the frustration I feel when I read headlines like “Fraud to Make Up 6.3 Billion in Stolen Ad Dollars in 2015” or “Nearly 25% of Video Ad Views Are Fraudulent.” I had always assumed the recipients of the ad impressions I placed were human; that’s certainly  Continue Reading...