Joe Flowers: Digital Strategy

Joe has more than ten years of experience managing digital and communications strategies in a variety of industries, including nonprofit, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and sports and entertainment.

He applies his mix of experience to clients including Sewell Automotive Companies, UCHealth, American Cancer Society, and Go RVing. When he isn’t going the extra mile for his clients, Joe can typically be found at a concert, hunting for the best taco joint in Dallas, or going the literal extra mile outside as an accomplished runner.

Stop Shouting at Me: The Rough Road Ahead for Social Conversation

Joe Flowers

This trend is supported by data provided from Influential, a social data platform that leverages the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to select influencers, inform content and strategy, and deliver against measurable business outcomes and return on investment for brands. We live in an age of hyperbole, and you don’t have to spend more  Continue Reading...

The New Era of Influencer Marketing

Joe Flowers

Influencer marketing as a practice isn’t new, but its delivery certainly has changed. Traditionally, an influencer’s paid or sponsored endorsement was obvious – a celebrity crediting a designer for their award show look, an athlete drinking a soda in a commercial, or a game show host thanking a laundry detergent at the top of the  Continue Reading...