Nikki Wilson: Chief People Officer

Nikki’s a newbie to the ad industry, though not to the people profession. She’s been around the human resources block a few times (and around the world, or awfully close to it).

While at General Motors, Nikki gained global leadership experience in Bangalore, Dubai, and Korea, leading strategies that supported talent growth and workplace cultural change. Today, she’s charged with doing the same (and then some) at The Richards Group. In her newly created role, Nikki will create an inclusive and diverse space where everyone has the opportunity for a great employee experience.

Recognized as a bridge builder and an employee coach, Nikki wants to help others succeed in their careers. Her own journey was shaped as a Clark Atlanta University and The Ohio State University alum. Nikki’s energy, empowering nature, and expertise are obvious the moment you meet her. Which may happen sooner than you realize, because she’ll likely come find you. It’s just her style.

Lessons, Learned and Shared.

Nikki Wilson

Isn’t that what we are all striving for as we progress in our DEI journeys? Yes, we are, and knowledge-sharing was a big part of the recent D CEO DEI Symposium attended by several members of the Richards Group team. These timely conversations to acknowledge the opportunities to be seized, celebrating the inroads made, and impart  Continue Reading...

Reality Check: Great Leaders Are Great Learners

Nikki Wilson

What’s a key lesson I’ve learned during our cultural transformation? I’m glad you asked – it’s HUMILITY. We have a significant role to play, and to grow and evolve as leaders, we must pause, reflect, and keep it real with ourselves. With uncertainty thrust upon our workplaces once again, I have to check myself so  Continue Reading...