Scott Luther: Digital Strategy Director

Around the agency, Scott is known for two things: his unshakably calm demeanor, and always trying to connect the dots between moving pieces. Surprisingly, he can trace the cause of both to his first love, hockey.

Before getting his MBA and a degree in customer experience management from the University of Denver, Scott spent two decades grinding out hockey plays all around North America. In that world, keeping people calm is the only way to keep all your teeth.

More to the point, the fast pace and free-flowing strategies of hockey laid the groundwork for the systems-based thinking and teamwork he puts to use for clients today. Since joining TRG in 2011, Scott has been finding ways to unlock emerging digital opportunities for clients like Chuck E. Cheese’s, TXU Energy, and MD Anderson Cancer Center by reminding clients that “good players play where the puck is; great players play where the puck is going to be.”

Next-Generation Traits

Scott Luther

My team is growing. That’s incredibly exciting, getting to bring new perspectives and talent into the agency. It’s also terrifying: How do we know we’re recruiting widely enough to find great people? Are we overvaluing certain skills and experience and overlooking others? Do we have great support in place to make sure anyone who joins  Continue Reading...