We do this for love, not for money. But when the money’s good, the love is deeper. Take a minute to read how much it pays to work at The Richards Group. When you’re done, consider looking at a few of our open positions.


Why a $100,000 Base Salary
Here Is Equivalent to $120,000
Just About Everywhere Else

Hint: It has nothing to do with steroids or other unhealthy substances, but everything to do with your financial health.

The very fact that you’re reading this means you’re probably interested in becoming a part of The Richards Group. But in the interest of full disclosure (we know – kinda weird for an ad agency), there are some things we should tell you about how we’re paid.

Here, your total compensation is made up of your salary, your bonus, your 401(k), plus a company-funded profit sharing plan that no other agency offers.

Base salary + Year-end bonus + Profit sharing + 401(k) plan = Total compensation

Bottom line: Just because you might receive a base salary offer from us that may be less than another agency’s, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. On the contrary, your total compensation here will actually work a whole lot harder and pack a whole lot more punch over time. And while we can’t promise a bonus or the maximum contribution to your profit sharing every year, we’re happy to report that we’ve never had a year without doing both since we first put out our shingle in 1976.

That’s Pretty Bold.
Can We Prove It?

We’re the only major agency that provides a meaningful profit sharing plan to help our employees prepare for the future. Our profit sharing plan is a vital part of your total compensation package and your biggest employee benefit – something you should seriously consider when comparing offers from other agencies with ours.

Because we’re privately held, you get a bigger piece of the pie. We don’t have to send our profits to stockholders or a holding company, so we share them among ourselves. At the end of each year, a major portion of the agency’s profit goes to our profit sharing plan. You then get a contribution based on a percentage of your total compensation.

How much money is this? Let’s say you entered the plan earning $40,000 annually and received 6 percent annual raises. Let’s assume that the company contributed 14 percent of your salary each year and you received your share of plan forfeitures from those who left the plan before being fully vested.

Let’s assume also that the plan investments earn about 10 percent each year. You’d have $120,434 in your profit sharing account after just ten years.

But That’s Not All

In addition to our profit sharing plan, we offer a 401(k) plan with a matching component. Our profit sharing plan alone is infinitely more valuable than 401(k) plans offered by just about everybody else. But the combination of profit sharing along with our 401(k) is unbeatable.

Obviously, your annual salary, year-end bonus, and The Richards Group profit sharing plan are the biggest parts of your compensation, but that’s far from the end of the story. We of course offer medical, dental, and life insurance.

Certainly, other agencies offer significant benefits and salaries, but we believe you won’t find a better overall financial package than the one we offer here.

The way we see it, we get paid to think creatively on behalf of our clients. We simply like to think creatively in how we approach our financial futures as well.